Carnival-Songs of Cologne
            Sing Along in English


No more wondering. See what’s in the heart of the Colognians. Sing along. Appreciate Carnival.

Translations of the lyrics of the 15 most popular songs played in local bars in Cologne and the Rhine area - line

by line in both Cologne and English language. Convenient to carry with you. Lyrics fit the flow of the music.

  • Denn wenn et Trömmelche jeiht - Cause When The Drum Starts To Pound

  • Viva Colonia! - Viva Colonia!

  • Drink doch eine met - Have A Drink With Us

  • Unsere Stammbaum - Our Family Tree

  • Echte Fründe  - True-Blue Friends

  • Du bes die Stadt - You Are the Town

  • Die Karawane zieht weiter - The Caravane’s Moving On

  • Rut un wiess - Red and White

  • Man müsste nochmal zwanzig sein - Oh, To Be Twenty Once Again

  • Superjeilezick - Superdooper Times

  • Su lang mer noch am Lääve sin - As Long As We Are Still Alive

  • En unserem Veedel - In Our Quarter

  • Kumm loss mer fiere - Come On Let’s Party

  • Halleluja - Hallelujah

  • Sansibar - Zanzibar

    DIN A5, brochure paperback, 36 pages, € 12,80, ISBN: 978-3-00-037132-5
                                    Order: carnivalcologne[at]

Including 3 pages on the "Fifth Season" and history of Cologne Carnival!


Henning Krautmacher (Höhner) singing from this book in English on Radio Köln
See also reports in Kölner Stadtanzeiger, The Local and InSülz (page 12)

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